This documentation relates to conjoon 0.1.6

If your are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the conjoon documentation and select the relevant version.

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conjoon 0.1.6.*

conjoon Users's Guide

The conjoon User's Guide is for anyone who uses conjoon. New to conjoon? Start by exploring the workbench and learning about widgets and tabs. Then go ahead and add an Email Account to conjoon's powerful Webmail Client. Learn how to receive, read and write Email Messages. Interested in what other people are doing with conjoon or want to share your own tips? Join the community forums, add comments to our wiki, follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

conjoon Installation Guide

The conjoon Installation Guide is for people who are installing conjoon for the first time.

conjoon Upgrade Guide

The conjoon Upgrade Guide is for people who are upgrading their instance of conjoon.