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Email module - backend


Issues: Due

  • New Feature CN-376 Due Date: 24/Jun/11 Create tool to periodically fetch emails
  • Sub-task CN-380 Due Date: 29/Jun/11 Add configuration option for users to tell whether jobs should consider their email account
  • Sub-task CN-381 Due Date: 30/Jun/11 Allow users to decide whether the job should be used or if they still want to manually invoke fetching emails Edit Issue

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task CN-30 17/Apr/14 Find a way to render and load emails into the iframe
  • Improvement CN-84 16/Apr/14 Add a new row in the flag-table if none exists for the specified email item
  • Improvement CN-826 15/Apr/14 Querying for latest email messages should consider UID when checking IMAP accounts

Versions: Due