We have set up a demo of conjoon at
You need to register first in order to test the demo. You can do so by filling out the registration form.

Demo Restrictions

The demo's purpose is to give you a first glance of the features of conjoon. Therefore,

  • you can only use one preconfigured email account
  • only the latest 10 emails from this preconfigured account will be fetched every time you check for new messages
  • you can't edit, add or remove email accounts
  • an additional signature will be attached to each message you send from the demo
Please note, that we do not store personal data of you other than provided during the registration process. Emails you send from the demo will be stored in the database. You can always go to the "Sent" folder and delete those emails.
Btw. - conjoon now uses Twitter's Oauth implementation - so if you want to test the Twitter client, you don't have to worry about passing personal data - like your Twitter password - to our demo installation.

I'm cool with that, sign me up already!