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conjoon 0.1.6RC2 available

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The conjoon Development Team is proud to present conjoon 0.1.6 Release Candidate 2. This release represents a snapshot of our work in progress, so that you can see the new features in advance.

You can download this release from the Development Releases site.

Cheers, the conjoon Development Team.

conjoon 0.1.4RC6 available

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

There has been a change made to the Twitter API and it slipped right through our fingers when we released 0.1.4RC5 yesterday. The issue was fixed and thus a new release candidate is available, namely 0.1.4RC6.
As always, you can find this release at the download page of the conjoon project home.

Here are the release notes for this version:


  • [CN-457] – Call to Twitter API gives an error

conjoon 0.1.4RC2 released

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The conjoon development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of conjoon 0.1.4RC2. This is a release candidate for the Twitter oauth release. This will hopefully be the last RC for the 0.1.4 release.

Notable changes from the changelog:

[Email module - client]

  • fixed an issue where an email would not be properly referenced when preview window was dragged & droppped into the content panel, then any operation on this panel would have been invoked (reply, reply all, forward) due to the fact that the EditorManager would only accept a record of type EmailItemRecord for creating an editor instance, but not EmailRecord (closes CN-386) (thanks to larissa84)

[Feeds module - backend]

  • fixed an issue where the “author” field of a feed entry would not be stored properly in the database, thus, showing the value “Array” as the author name: adjusted backend code to inspect the return value of “getAuthor()” of the feed entry object and apply found values properly (closes CN-387) (reported by e-mike)

[Twitter module - client]

  • fixed an issue where replies would not be linked properly due to wrong data type for specific fields; changed those fields to type “string” to make sure that containing ids can be rendered properly (closes CN-384)


  • fixed an issue where the “startup” sound would not play as soon as the workbench is in “ready” state, even if the registry tells that system sounds are enabled: resolved by adding a “onload” listener to the SystemSoundManager that would call attached listeners to tell that it’s ready to be used; previously it was assumed that the driver is ready to be used as soon as the workbench is available (closes CN-385)

[General UI]

  • fixed an issue where some regions of a container would not be clickable if it was masked previously by a feed/email preview, and this preview would have been hidden using it’s animation function: adjusted callback so the anim element’s container gets hidden, too (closes CN-388)

[Datastore - mysql]

  • fixed an issue where two different indexes would target the same column: changed index “user_id” to operate on column “user_id” (closes CN-390)