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Hotfix for conjoon 0.1.6 available

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Daymon Lester reported an issue related to the build-process and HTMLPurifier, which would break the autoload-functionality of the library when used with conjoon. As long as the htmlpurifier.preload_all option in the config.ini.php would be set to 1, everything works fine. If set to 0, the library triggers autoloading, resulting in errors since the library files cannot be found (due to stripped require_once statements). See also Hotfix for this issue is available at An official bug-fix release will be available by the end of the week.

Hotfix for 0.1.4RC3 available

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

We would like to announce the immediate availability of a Hotfix for the issue CN-434.
This fix resolves an issue related to the process of receiving new email messages which suddenly quits with the error message

Problem with value for date "" - Zend_Date threw an exception with the following message: No date part in '' found..

This issue is in consequence of email messages that do not provide a date field in their header. The fix will fall back to add a date field by using the local time the message was received. The fix was applied in r1386 and will be part of the upcoming 0.1.4RC4 release.

Installation Instructions

  • Download and install conjoon 0.1.4RC3, if not already done
  • Download the file
  • unzip the file and copy
    to the
    Overwrite the existing file.
    The value for {conjoon_library} can be found by opening from the Document Root of your conjoon installation, then look up the last occurrence of $INSTALLATION_INFO and it’s property lib_path
  • clear any opcode cache, if needed.