conjoon 0.1.3 released!

The conjoon development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of conjoon 0.1.3. This is a feature release in the 0.1 series which introduces internal download management for handling file downloads.

We have decided to release this feature shortly after the 0.1.2 release due to requests from our community members who’d like to see this feature before the 0.2 version gets released.

Notable changes from the changelog:


  • enhanced “Help” menu, added dialogs for submitting suggestions/bug reports

[Datastore - mysql]

  • fixed an issue with datastructure for attachment table, since some attachments could not be saved due to restrictions of content length for “BLOB” fields – changed field “content” in “attachment” table from “BLOB” to “LONGBLOB”

[Email module - client]

  • added DownloadManager for queueing downloads in conjoon
  • revamped DefaultViewRenderer for displaying email messages to show a resizable and scrollable attachment list

[Email module - backend]

  • fixed a security issue where models would not check for proper folder permissions before sending an email message / item to the client
  • added functionality for downloading attachments

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