conjoon V0.1RC1P available [Update 2]

We have just released conjoon V0.1RC1P – which is a build-only, preview version for conjoon V0.1RC1. This version has some known bugs regarding the Ext.ux.Livegrid- and Ext.ux.Wiz- user extensions – making the application not work properly in IE7 and IE8.
Until this issues are fixed, you are welcome to check out the new features we have added. We recommend FF and Google Chrome browsers for running this release.

Several users have encountered some issues when working with conjoon on *nix machines. We have fixed this issues and recommend you to upgrade to the newest version, 0.1RC1Pr935.

Update 2:
We have fixed minor typo issues in r937 – the newest build 0.1RC1Pr937 is available from the downloadpage, as usual.

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