conjoon V0.1 preview

conjoon v0.1 is raring to go and it brings a lot of improvements and new features.

Once Ext 3.0 final gets published, we will apply some fine tuning and release V0.1.

Here are some of the key features the new version brings:

* iPhone support
* Twitter client
* automated session manager
* caching
* enhanced workbench with organizable quick panels
* UI improvements
* System Sounds

Needless to say that various bug fixes made it into this release. Around 300 commits to the vcs have been made since the last release.
Here’s a screenshot of the upcoming release:

conjoon V0.1 preview

conjoon V0.1 preview - click to view full size

4 Responses to “conjoon V0.1 preview”

  1. Arnaud Says:

    Hi !

    For my information, when v0.1 will be released, please ?

  2. ThorstenSuckow Says:

    Hi Arnaud, the 0.1 release is scheduled for August ’09

  3. Saki Says:

    Thorsten, what exactly do you mean by “iPhone support”.


  4. ThorstenSuckow Says:

    Saki, conjoon will be running as an iPhone Web-Application, though only selected modules will be available – such as the Twitter Client. You can find some early screenshots here:


    Application-Choser (right now there’s only the twitter client):

    Twitter-App Welcome Screen:

    User timeline:

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