About me

Thorsten Suckow-Homberg

I’m the project maintainer and main developer of the conjoon project.
I started my career in a little company in Kohlscheid, Aachen as a Javascript/PHP programmer in 1999. Leaving PHP for a few years of Java, I turned back to it after extensive investigation of design patterns and oop principles.
I totally dig to loose couple components, favor user interface programming and I’m interested in software architecture and a huge fan of continuous integration and agile software development methodologies. A while ago, I discovered my passion for regular expressions. If you want to make me smile, put me in an agile team, place a guitar next to my cubicle and make sure you keep that coffeee machine running.
My blog is located at thorsten.suckow-homberg.de, and you can reach me via tsuckow@conjoon.org.